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About Gillespie & Cochrane

Gillespie and Cochrane Pty Ltd (ABN 42 005 425 749) was established in 1992 to provide editing, proofreading, indexing, writing and other publishing services to a wide range of clients.

We are Bruce Gillespie and Elaine Cochrane.

Between us we have over 90 years of experience in editing. Bruce became a professional editor in 1971 and went freelance in 1974. Elaine started as a proofreader in 1982, became a fulltime editor in 1984, and went freelance in 1992. At various times we have also been typesetters; we are no longer in that field, but our experience informs our services as editors, proofreaders and indexers.

To enquire about our services, email us here.

Bruce Gillespie

Bruce Gillespie (BA, DipEd) earns his living as an indexer and writer.

Since 1969, Bruce has been known as a publisher of magazines about science fiction, fantasy and other subjects that interest him. These magazines have never turned a profit, but have kept him in contact with the Australian and worldwide SF community for over 50 years. His magazines include SF Commentary (begun 1969), The Metaphysical Review (1984), Steam Engine Time (with international co-editors) (2000-2011), and *brg* and other small-circulation magazines since 1968. Bruce has also written many reviews and articles about SF and other subjects, and was a partner (with Carey Handfield and Rob Gerrand) in Norstrilia Press (1975-1985), one of the first SF small presses in Australia. The SF world has been kind enough to give Bruce many awards over the years, including 17 Ditmar (Australian SF Achievement) Awards, three Hugo (World SF Achievement) Award nominations, the position of  Fan Guest of Honour at the 1999 World Convention (Aussiecon 3, held in Melbourne), the A. Bertram Chandler Award (2006) and the Peter McNamara Award (2007), each for lifetime achievement, and a trip to America (the Bring Bruce Bayside Fund, 2004-05) financed by donations from fans throughout the world.

Elaine Cochrane

Elaine Cochrane (BSc (Hons)) specialises in editing maths, science and medical books, but she is happy to edit and proofread almost any area of non-fiction.

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