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Australian and New Zealand Amateur Publishing Association

ANZAPA was begun by Leigh Edmonds in 1968. Some of the current members, such as Bruce Gillespie, appeared in the first mailing.

ANZAPA is a group of people who publish fanzines (‘amateur magazines published by SF fans for SF fans, but are not necessarily about SF’). The membership is limited to 30 people, each of whom sends to the Official Editor (or ‘Official Bloody Editor’ — OBE — so named by Gary Mason many years ago) 32 copies of his or her fanzine every two months.

As in every apa (amateur publishing association), each member receives a great swag of reading every two months in exchange for minimum activity requirements (currently 6 pages every 6 months, or 3 mailings), and pays a fee for postage costs.

Although ANZAPA was set up to interconnect science fiction and fantasy fans in Australia and New Zealand, we are very pleased that during most of the history of the apa, overseas fans have also joined us. These days they have have to pay a small fortune ($A140 per year) to cover minimum mailing costs, but nevertheless we have four overseas members at the moment.

Currently we do not have a waiting list, which is another way of saying that we welcome new members.