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About Bruce Gillespie

Bruce GillespieBorn 17 February 1947 in a southeastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Have lived in the Melbourne metropolitan area since then, except for a short stint in the country (1962-70). I completed my BA and DipEd at the University of Melbourne (1965-68), attempted to teach school at Ararat Technical School (1969 and 1970), and became an editor and writer when I joined the Publications Branch of the Education Department of Victoria in 1971. I became a freelance editor in 1974.

I gained a social group in 1967, when the Science fiction fans of Melbourne invited me to meet them. I began writing for fanzines, publishing them, and attending conventions.  In 1974, I met Elaine Cochrane, through mutual friends in the Melbourne University SF Association, and we became a couple in early 1978. In March 1979, we were married, and moved into a house in Keele Street, Collingwood. Because the old house began to fall down during the late 1990s, we moved to the outer northern suburb of Greensborough in October 2004.

Elaine and I formed Gillespie & Cochrane Pty Ltd in 1992, and we offer a wide range of publishing services.

We have no children, but we are under paw of two cats.