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About Bruce Gillespie

Bruce GillespieBorn 17 February 1947 in a southeastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Have lived in the Melbourne metropolitan area since then, except for a short stint in the country (1962-70). I completed my BA and DipEd at the University of Melbourne (1965-68), attempted to teach school at Ararat Technical School (1969 and 1970), and became an editor and writer when I joined the Publications Branch of the Education Department of Victoria in 1971. I became a freelance editor, indexer, and writer in 1974.

I gained a social group in 1967, when the Science fiction fans of Melbourne invited me to meet them. I began writing for fanzines, publishing them, and attending conventions.  In 1974, I met Elaine Cochrane, through mutual friends in the Melbourne University SF Association, and we became a couple in early 1978. In March 1979, we were married, and moved into a house in Keele Street, Collingwood. Because the old house began to fall down during the late 1990s, we moved to the outer northern suburb of Greensborough in October 2004.