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About Elaine Cochrane

I was born and raised in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, and attended local state primary and secondary schools before undertaking a science degree at the University of Melbourne.

University provided the intellectual excitement of the study itself (maths, physics and, above all, chemistry), and the  chance to meet other people who loved science and maths, books and reading. Notable among those who loved books were the members of the Melbourne University Science Fiction Association (MUSFA). I made some lasting friendships within MUSFA, and it was through MUSFA that I met Bruce.

A series of not-very-interesting jobs followed graduation, but Bruce came to the rescue and provided some training in editing that was consolidated by two years’ employment as a typesetter’s reader. From there to eight years’ employment in-house, and then freelance again.

I’ve always loved books, but apart from some juvenile scrawlings I’ve had no desire to write. I admire those who do, and firmly believe that, as an editor and proofreader, my role is to be the extra pair of eyes that enables authors and publishers to bring that final polish to their work.

My tools of trade are pen and pencil, computer (Microsoft Office or PDF markup), and an eye trained by many years of experience.